UKES - Frequently Asked Questions

I am on a Start-up visa and now eager to transition to the Innovator Founder visa. Could you provide me with information about deadlines and the steps needed for me to submit my business plan?
What do I need to submit an application?
What should I include in my business plan?
Do you provide tips on what you expect to be included within my financial projections?
What are the fees that you charge for reviewing my application for endorsement?
Do you refund me if my application is unsuccessful or my visa is not granted?
I / we wish to apply as a team. What are the fees for our application?
Do co-founders need to apply separately through the endorsing body, or can we apply jointly under one business plan?
Do we need to have evidence of investment funds prior to both the endorsement and visa application? Or would the investment strategy element of our business plan suffice as evidence of how we plan to acquire these funds?
Can I arrange a face-to-face meeting or call prior to my submission?
What is your telephone number?
I am an immigration lawyer and wish to discuss a client. Can I contact you to discuss further?
Do you provide preliminary endorsement in advance of a full application submission?
Do you work with or recommend any business plan writers? I have the business idea but need help in writing it?
Can I invest in an existing business?
If I have applied via another endorsing body and they rejected my business idea, can I submit a new application via UKES?
Can I apply for endorsement even if I need further investment in later years?
Can I apply for the 'Same Business' endorsement after my current Start-up visa expires?
Can you help me / us develop the business idea prior to submission?
I have submitted my application and made payment. What happens next?
Do I need to show financial evidence that I have the funds to support start-up costs?
What is your process for assessing an application?